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You’ll be like a kid in a candy store with Fitness Factory’s massive selection of strength training and weight lifting accessories.

We carry everything from weight lifting belts, knee wraps, Tabata, battling, training and cable speed ropes, yoga, exercise and floor mats, resistances bands and more to ensure you have the best strength and weight lifting workout each and everytime.

All weight lifting accessories at Fitness Factory are designed for use in home and commercial settings including cross training facilities, garage gyms, group fitness classes, personal training studios, home gyms and more.

Shop Fitness Factory now for gear, accessories, attachments and more designed specifically for weight lifters and weight lifting.

Body-Solid Tools Bar Jack
Allows users to elevate their Olympic ba... 
Retail Price $65.00
$50.00 MSRP $65.00
Body-Solid Tools Lifting Chains
Great Versatility! Use to build strength... 
Retail Price $129.00
$119 MSRP $129.00
Body-Solid Tools Plate Wedge
Easy-to-use alternative to deadlift jack... 
Body-Solid Tools Bicep Bomber
Uniquely contoured design allows you to ... 
Retail Price $49.00
$39.00 MSRP $49.00
Harbinger 7.5 Inch FirmFit Contour Belt
Designed to fit the natural shape of bac... 
Starting at $27.00

Harbinger 4 Inch Nylon Belt
Durable nylon web construction flexes fo... 
Starting at $16.99

Body-Solid Tools Cannonball Grips
Get Grips of Steel, Attach them to a pul... 
Body-Solid Tools Nunchuck Grips
These state-of-the-art nunchuck grips pr... 
Retail Price $31.99
$26.99 MSRP $31.99
Harbinger Big Grip Barbell Grips
Converts Bars into 'Thick Bars'. Comes i... 
Body-Solid Tools Hooked Pro Power Lifting Grips Pair
Take the strain off your fingers... 
Retail Price $35.00
$34.00 MSRP $35.00

Manta Ray Squat Support Pad
Developed to improve or eliminate proble... 
Retail Price $55.95
$49.95 MSRP $55.95
The Shoulder Horn
Strengthen Your Shoulder to Arm Rotators... 
Starting at $69.00

Body-Solid Tools Premium Bar Pad
Reduce the risk of injury and avoid unwa... 
Body Solid Tools 16 Inch Barbell Pad
16" High density foam, wrapped in an eas... 
Retail Price $24.99
$14.99 MSRP $24.99
Lat Blaster Bar
Turn a Straight Bar into a Lat Machine, ... 
Retail Price $49.00
$39.00 MSRP $49.00

Body-Solid T Bar Row Platform
Make your own T-Bar Row Machine with onl... 
Retail Price $59.99
$49.99 MSRP $59.99
Body-Solid Dual Pivot T-Bar Row Platform
Features a bronze bushing 360° horizonta... 
Retail Price $69.00
$59.99 MSRP $69.00
Body-Solid Tools Home Plate T-Bar Row Landmine
Can be used for several landmine-based w... 
MetaCal Body Fat Caliper
Our fat measure caliper is designed to m... 
Retail Price $19.95
$12.95 MSRP $19.95
Body-Solid Tools Tubular Steel Rings with Straps
Sold in Pairs, solid steel 9” outer diam... 
Retail Price $49.99
$39.99 MSRP $49.99

Body-Solid Squat Calf Block
No-slip combo squat platform and calf bl... 
Retail Price $193.00
$149 MSRP $193.00
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Body-Solid Weight Sled
Push or Pull this heavy duty steel weigh... 
Retail Price $335.00
$286 MSRP $335.00
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Commercial Rated
T Bell Plate Load Bar
Versatile plate-loaded training device t... 
Retail Price $159.00
$149 MSRP $159.00
PlateMate 1.25lb Magnetic Donut Weight
Patented PlateMates™ magnetically attach... 
Retail Price $24.00
$19.95 MSRP $24.00
Free Shipping!
PlateMate 2.5lb Magnetic Donut Weight
Patented PlateMates™ magnetically attach... 
Retail Price $29.00
$24.95 MSRP $29.00
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