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SPRI Products, Inc.

SPRI Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products for the health and fitness industry. SPRI designs and produces innovative rubber resistance exercise products and has led the way in popularizing rubberized resistance workouts.

As the pioneer of this simple, but effective method of strength training, toning and building lean muscle tissue, SPRI has remained on the cutting edge of today's exercise trends. SPRI continues to expand into related markets as new applications are discovered and professional and consumer interest builds.

SPRI rubber resistance products are created using a 'dipped process' rather than the more common and inexpensive 'extruded process' - making it one of the most durable and reliable tubes on the market! The handle plug, protective sleeve and grommet reinforcement features (Tuff Sleeve) also contribute to making SPRI the tubing product that is tough and reliable enough for many of the US military training kits.

SPRI Braided Xertube, Very Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy
$27.98 MSRP $33.98
SPRI Bi-Fold Exercise Mat 60
Retail Price $69.99
$59.99 MSRP $69.99
SPRI Bi-Fold Exercise Mat 72
Retail Price $79.99
$69.99 MSRP $79.99
SPRI Xerings - in Ultra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Ultra Heavy
$6.98 MSRP $8.98
SPRI Xercuffs available in Very light, Light, Medium and Heavy
$17.98 MSRP $19.98
SPRI Mini Bands in Light, Medium, Heavy, and Very Heavy Tension
$3.98 MSRP $3.99
SPRI Xertubes in Very light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Very Heavy
$16.00 MSRP $16.99